Re-think Circular Economy Forum, 30 June 2022

Re-think Circular Economy Forum: The Future is Circular.

The Re-think Circular Economy Forum, organized by Tondo, will focus on three key themes for the local context and beyond, circular ports and tourism, agri-food, and the textile and fashion sector.


Circular transition trajectories for the agribusiness sector.

The agribusiness sector plays a major role in the ecological transition, particularly in the application of circular economy models. However, from the enunciation of principles to application in agrifood supply chains, there is a significant difficulty due, mainly, to the absence of specific designs by product type and socio-territorial organizational models. Starting with some recent research findings, possible innovative paths useful for accelerating the transition of the agrifood system to a circular economy model will be presented.


June 30, 2022

Naples – DaDoM Museum c/o Darwin Dohrn Museum of the Zoological Station Anton Dohrn (Villa Comunale)

It is possible to follow the event online by making the Registration in advance. In-person participation, on the other hand, is by invitation only upon request to the organization: